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Affiliation with the LGBT community

Being an affiliate for L&P is not a regular task. Love and Pride is a jewelry and Fashion company and everyone can buy a product in our site but we target mostly to the LGBT community in the USA and Worldwide.

The LGBT market is a young and growing market in every western country in the world. The "Pink Power" is becoming a strong base of the society and L&P works in the core of it. We support organizations that fight for equality in different levels. Love and Pride was founded to help support the fight for marriage equality!

With and strong foundation in the LGBT market being an affiliate for L&P is a very interesting job. We see affiliates that do a great job and help support the community with us.

Do you think you can do it too?

The marketing aspect you should aim is the entire society. Why? Even straight people want to know more and to buy products that help support the equality fight in society.

What to know more? ask us


Affiliate Manager Information

Kobi Ben Meir


Email: kobi@loveandpride.com

Phone: +972(9)9532706 ext 713

Skype: Kobi_ben_meir