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reworked goods

reworked goods

Reworked Goods, even in their initial years as a brand, has created a reputation for high quality, lasting products. Crafting distinctive, vintage inspired accessories born out of an unflinching passion to seek 'found' vintage fabrics, trims, hardware, etc- and to use them in the creation of a full range of unique accessories for people of all ages, men & women. Most importantly, to make your day better one piece at a time. Bracelets, Headbands, Belts, Guitar Straps, Wallets, Pouches, and Bags...to name a few.

Inspired by founders Matt & Randy Freedman's love of music and rock-n-roll style, each distinctive Reworked accessory is designed to empower our living, breathing testimonials: you.

We expect their collection to capture your heart with it's unique combination of vintage materials and classic designs that fit into your everyday life. Most of their creations incorporate leather and get this-vintage guitar straps! This gives each piece it's own history and you a new favorite accessory.

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