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The SHUNGA Erotic Art collection has been created first and foremost for genuine lovers, who conceive of their embrace as an art form. Inspired by Japanese erotic art works from the 16th to the 18th century, and by the history of the SHUNGA, these products act as a medium between lovers as they meet to increase the peak of their sexual arousal during their most intimate union.

The various packagings are covered with SHUNGA art work and sleek lines reminiscent of Japanese design. Their contents are treasures for arousal, such as aphrodisiac oils, edible body powders, oils and creams for erotic massages, love-enticing balm products, lubricants, and more. Exquisitely crafted, the packagings are a treat for the eye, and will enhance all living rooms and bedrooms.

Whether you're planning a private affair or a public event, these products get people talking! At Love and Pride, the SHUNGA collection is the most passionate and tasty dessert menu we've seen in a long time...enjoy alone, share with someone special - love.

Don't forget to play safe! SHUNGA products come with directions and a detailed list of ingredients.

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