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Gay & Lesbian Wedding Bands

Learn about where to buy gay and lesbian wedding rings and the colors and symbols used on gay commitment jewelry.

1.Gay Custom Wedding Rings 

A custom wedding ring is something that many couples need, for a variety of reasons. Often a custom wedding ring is a practical matter. People with larger than usual fingers, or small fingers, may find that a ring designed for a regular hand doesn't suit when it's adjusted to their size. Others need a custom wedding ring for safety reasons; chefs, tradesmen and people in physical professions need a ring that has no protrusions, is thin and molds securely to the rest of their finger.

Gay couples may find designing a custom wedding ring is a good answer to obtain the perfect wedding ring. Designing your own rings allows you to add personal touches to the symbolism already used in gay wedding rings, and to be certain the rings will suit your own style.

It is important, when designing a custom wedding ring, to select a designer who already does the type of work you and your partner like. Examine the quality of their range, the metals used, and the care with which they are crafted in order to select the best designer for your wedding rings.

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2.Gems in Gay Wedding Bands


The use of gems in wedding rings is a very old tradition, and one that has continued in gay wedding bands. Gems are selected for their spiritual qualities, their link to the birth stones of their wearers, and their connection to the elements.

Couples should think carefully before choosing the gems they want set in their gay wedding bands. Diamonds are traditional but are a somewhat cold stone. Rubies, garnet, amethyst, emerald, etc? Often gems of six colors are used in gay wedding bands, signifying the gay pride rainbow flag. The use of six types of gems is not only a pride symbol but results in a valuable ring.

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3.The Meaning of the Male Symbol


The male symbol of a circle joined to a pointing arrow is an astrological sign for the planet Mars, used since Roman times. The circle is symbolic of the spirit. The arrow is symbolic of strength, and also has a spiritual element in representing the crescent moon.

Two intertwined Mars symbols represent gay pride and the love between men. The intertwined symbols began being widely used in the gay community in the 1970s, and today are an immediately recognizable symbol of gay love. The Mars symbol is frequently used in gay wedding rings. Designers use two interlocking Mars symbols to create joining engagement/wedding ring sets and matching wedding rings for gay couples.

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4.The Triangle and Lesbianism


The triangle symbol is used more in gay jewelry than in lesbian pride jewelry because of the prominence of its use in Nazi Germany. The pink, down-pointing triangle was used by Hitler to mark gay men when they were imprisoned in concentration camps. In the seventies, gay activists seized on the symbol and inverted it, to represent their unwillingness to passively accept persecution.

A triangle was also used by Hitler to brand lesbians, but the symbolism is less clear because it was more widely used for women. In Nazi culture, any woman who was 'anti social' was incarcerated – the main crime being not interested in reproduction. Prostitutes, lesbians, and women who used contraception were branded with a black triangle and sent to the camps. The broad range of women in this group is why the triangle has not been used as strongly for lesbian pride as it has for gay pride.

Designers of lesbian wedding bands will incorporate the gay pride triangle into the ring, but a more frequently found symbol is the Venus symbol. The Venus symbol, representing the female, is not only a symbol of lesbianism, but of powerful womanhood in general.

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5.The Freedom Rings


Gay pride jewelry and gay and lesbian commitment rings often use the symbol of six interlocking colored rings as a sign of gay pride. The colors are immediately recognizable as the colors of the gay pride rainbow flag, but where did the rings come from?

Designer David Spada came up with the idea of 'Freedom Rings' as a symbol for the struggle for gay freedom. He incorporated the six colors of the rainbow flag – red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sun, green for nature and blue for harmony – into six interlocking aluminum rings to represent the many different people coming together to fight for gay independence and tolerance.

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6.Colors for Lesbian Commitment Rings


Color symbolism does vary from culture to culture, but it is a good idea to research color symbolism when looking for lesbian commitment rings. Colors have a strong meaning in the gay community, with the rainbow flag being a rallying symbol for gay rights and freedom.

In the rainbow flag, red is for life, orange is for health, yellow for the sun, green for nature and blue for harmony. In mainstream western culture, purple symbolizes royalty and also has a link to the gay community. Orange, red and brown are earth colors, and blue is associated with cool and peace. Couples should consider what symbolizes the essential nature of their relationship and what they hope for the future.

Use of the wearer or their partner's birthstone is always a good idea for lesbian commitment rings, involving the individual energy of both partners.

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7.Symbols On Lesbian Wedding Rings


Designers of gay and lesbian wedding rings frequently incorporate gay symbols into the ring to represent the pride the couple has in their relationship. The use of symbols is particularly important inlesbian wedding bands, where the decorative element of most female jewelry could overcome the ring as a symbol of lesbian commitment.

Symbols commonly used in lesbian wedding rings include the gay pride triangle and rainbow flag colors; the Venus or female symbol that represents elemental womanhood; the labrys, a double-headed axe used by the Amazons and now a symbol of strong womanhood; or the lambda, the Greek lower case of the letter 'l' that represents liberation and the struggle for gay civil rights.

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8.Traditions and Gay Wedding Rings


The wedding ring has been used to symbolize love from Egyptian times. Cultures established the tradition of wearing the ring on the third finger of the left hand as it was believed that veins from that finger ran straight to the heart.

Rings are made of precious metals to ensure the wealth of the union. In many cultures, the wedding ring is given as part of a series of rings; a friendship ring, a promise ring, the engagement ring, wedding ring and then an eternity ring given during marriage.

The formal giving of rings and exchanging of vows in a near-magical invocation is a further way to establish and strengthen the union. When couples exchange gay wedding rings and vows in front of loved ones, they are essentially taking part in a deeply spiritual tradition which has its roots several thousand years BC.

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9.Materials for Rings


Gay and lesbian commitment rings are designed using the traditional precious metals used in wedding rings, but designers have also been incorporating contemporary metals, such as stainless steel, for sophisticated designs.

Traditionally, gold was used for a commitment or wedding ring as a symbol of the wish for good fortune for the couple, a symbol of the groom's ability to provide for his partner and a symbol of the metal's connection with the sun, a giver of new life.

As the tradition of marriage evolves into one of emotional support, other metals have been used. Gay and lesbian commitment rings, wedding rings and mainstream rings continue to use precious metals to symbolize the value of the commitment each couple makes, but couples frequently choose to incorporate other metals and gems as a more personal representation of their relationship.

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10.Lesbian Engagements - To Ring or Not To Ring


The type and style of ring couples use when formalizing their commitment to each other is dependent on several factors, including, of course, budget. A consideration when deciding whether or not to add an engagement ring to the equation is what sort of message you are trying to send to the community about your relationship.

Engagement rings are a good idea as they serve as a sign of your current commitment, your dedication to each other and silently announce the upcoming wedding. The combination of a wedding and engagement ring in lesbian commitment rings is a statement of the well thought out and dedicated approach the couple has taken in getting married. And, of course, many women would not object to being given another ring from their loving partner.

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