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For Gay Marriage

Learn about the arguments for gay marriage, the rights of gay partners, rainbow jewelry, and the celebrities that have taken a pro gay marriage stance.

Pride and Rainbow Jewelry | The Rainbow Flag and Gay Marriage Rights | Visitation Rights for Illness | Gay Marriage and Fidelity | Rosie O'Donnell Bags Bush on Gay Marriage | Gay Marriage and Healthy Culture


Opposition to Gay Marriage

Learn about the arguments against gay marriage, efforts to ban gay marriage by state, and the Pope's stance on gay marriage.

Virginia's Marriage Ban | US Presidents and the Anti Gay Marriage Movement | Catholic Stance Against Gay Marriage | Nebraska's Gay Marriage Ban | Gay Parents and the Paedophilia Fallacy | Gay Parenting


Gay Marriage Laws

Learn about gay marriage laws, gay marriage amendments and other legal issues affecting gay and lesbian couples.

Court vs. Legislature in Gay Marriage Debate | Case Samples of Gay Marriage Law Tests | Freedom of Religion |  Legal Parallels to the Gay Marriage Issue | The Defense of Marriage Act | Gay Marriage Amendment

Gay Marriage Resources

Find gay marriage resources including advice on preparing for your gay wedding and finding a same sex wedding gift registry.

Hawaii Gay Marriage Resources | Finance in Gay Marriage | Lesbian Bachelorette Party Resources | Charity Gift Registries for Gay Weddings | How To Find Gay Wedding Gift Registries | Help With Costs | Bible Resources for Gay Marriage | Gay Wedding Etiquette


Gay Marriage Debate

Know the pros and cons of same sex marriage that are being cited in the gay marriage debate. Learn the rights of gay couples in California, New York, and Hawaii.

Gay Divorce Negates Marriage Need | Cultural Pressures | Gay Marriage – the US Benefits | The San Francisco and California Gay Marriage Debate | Gay Marriage in New York | Gay Marriage and Religious Freedom | Hawaii Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage Facts & Statistics

Find facts and statistics surrounding gay marriage including some gay marriage firsts.

Hawaii's Gay Wedding Attempts | Schwarzenegger on Gay Marriage |  Gay Marriage Statistics | Same Sex Marriage No Tax Break |  Gay Marriage Firsts | Gay Sex in America | Interracial Marriage and Gay Marriage

Gay Adoption

Find gay adoption statistics and learn the factors involved with gay couples adopting in each state.

Gay Adoption: America | Issues In Deciding the Adoption Question |  Factors In Adopting | Same Sex Adoption in the United States | Step Parent Rights and Gay Marriage  


Gay Divorce

Learn how gay divorce affects the gay marriage debate and read about the first gay divorce cases in Massachusetts and Canada.

Gay Divorce in the Gay Marriage Debate | Massachusetts Gay Divorce | Gay Break-Up Rates | Canada's First Gay Divorce | Why Gay Couples Divorce |


Gay Wedding Ceremonies

Learn about gay wedding ceremonies including Jewish, Baptist, Anglican and other religious gay wedding ceremonies.

Gay Jewish Ceremony | Pagan Ceremonies | Gay American Baptist Ceremonies | Anglican Gay Ceremonies | Buddhist Gay Ceremonies | Roman Catholic Gay Wedding Ceremonies | Gay Wedding Chapel at Las Vegas | Secular Ceremonies

Planning a Gay Wedding

Find tips on planning a gay wedding including where to find gay wedding rings, gay wedding invitations, gay wedding cakes, gay wedding cake toppers and gay wedding apparel.


Gay Marriage Gifts

Find ideas for gay and lesbian gifts and learn how to incorporate colors and symbols into gay marriage gifts.

Gay Wedding Gifts | Gay Engagement Gifts | Holiday Gifts | Gifts for Your Loved One | Fashion Gifts | Jewelry Gifts | Ring as a Gift | Sexy Gifts

Gay & Lesbian Wedding Bands

Learn about where to buy gay and lesbian wedding rings and the colors and symbols used on gay commitment jewelry.


Additional Gay Jewelry

Find information about gay jewelry such as gay earrings, necklaces and watches, and learn the history behind gay symbols such as the triangle and the AIDS ribbon.